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Outlet Home's knowledge base serves as a comprehensive resource for customers, providing valuable information about our products, services, policies, and more. Here's an overview of the key components typically found in our knowledge base:

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  1. How can I place an order? Once you have chosen a product, you can add it to your shopping cart. Simply click on the "Add to cart" button. In the upper right corner of the screen you will see an indication of how many products are in the shopping cart. As soon as you hover the mouse over the shopping cart symbol, the ...
  2. How can I create a user account? Are you already our customer or would you like to register immediately? Then please click here. It is generally recommended to open a user account, as this will give you several advantages. With a user account you will always have access to your current and past orders. You can also change your ...
  3. What possibilities does the shopping cart offer me? In the shopping cart you will find an overview of your selected products. Here you can once again quickly and easily change your product number or remove products again. In addition, you can also redeem discount codes and claim your free gift as soon as you have reached the necessary goods ...
  4. How can I reset my password? If your password is not successfully processed when you try to log in, we ask you to reset your password and assign a new one: You can request a new password here.
  5. How can I activate my customer account? In order to open a customer account, it is necessary that you confirm our e-mail with a request to activate your customer account. If you have already registered as a customer in the store, but your login fails and you are also unable to reset your password, we ask you to use the following link ...
  6. Can I cancel a product or my order? If you have ordered the wrong product or would like to change your mind at short notice, simply contact us by e-mail or telephone. We will immediately respond to your wishes: or e-mail: [email protected] Please note: Changes of address are not possible at a later date if the order is ...
  7. Shipping costs & delivery restrictions We offer worldwide shipping. More information about shipping & delivery restrictions can be found here.
  8. Can I also ship to a Packstation? At the moment, you cannot have your packages delivered to Packstations, as the package size sometimes causes problems. 
  9. What is the status of my order? After the completion of your order you will receive a confirmation by e-mail including your order number. You can check the status of your order at any time in your user account at “My orders“. As soon as our diligent employees have shipped your goods, you will be informed by us by e-mail. ...
  10. How do I send a product back to you? Of course you can send the goods back. Please find more information about sending the cancellation policy. 
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